Our service expertise ranges from domestic private charters to international operations on track programs. Whether scheduled, unscheduled, diverted flight operations and public or private movements, it has been our pleasure to demonstrate our abilities and our customer service skills ti charter carriers, scheduled airlines, and military transports (domestic and foreign).

Our staff is SIDA-badged, and certified by the USDA and Customs & Border Protection to handle international operations (passenger movements at the FIS, as well as refueling stops, crew repositioning operations, VIP flights on private ramps). We've serviced and accommodated wide-bdy aircraft (L-1011, A340, A310, 747, 767, 757, and MD-11), as well as narrower body (MD80, RJs, 727, 737, A318, A319, and A320), and a number of military transports and tankers of all sizes.

Allow us to help you with all your service needs, and with marketing or management support for your operations. Our affiliate, AMS-Aviation Maintenance Solutions, and our parent company, FSS Holdings-Flight Support Solutions Holdings LLC, stand ready to lend additional support. We take pride in our ability to exceed your expectations!