Terminal Operations

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Above-wing and below-wing domestic and international operations, including ticket counter, bag hold room, terminal ramp, gate and boarding areas.
  • SIDA-badged,Customs/USDA-certified, multi-lingual personnel.
  • Multiple GSC staff at each flight operation guaranteed.
  • Coordination with airport authority, federal agencies (TSA, CBP, USDA).
  • Security staff to coordinate with federal agencies and conduct aircraft “checklist” searches, etc.
  • Delayed passenger accommodation and coordination (catering, airport and area restaurant vouchers, hotel accommodations, transportation).
  • Onboard catering (arrange for, or provide, hot, cold, crew meals, sports meals, snacks, beverage services, paper and on-board cleaning products).
  • Domestic and International trash decatering and coordination of all garbage disposal and incineration, ensuring USDA compliance.
  • Aircraft cleaning (quick turns, RON, international, deep cleans, special bio cleanups) per Air Carrier’s specifications.
  • Ensure compliance with AOSSP.